Approach & Beliefs


Our vision for education combines academic excellence and values-based character development for each student. The outstanding teachers at GrowBright guide each student to overcome and grow from the challenges they experience with resilience and social intellect.

Learning and development at GrowBright stretches beyond the typical reaches of a classroom. Our approach promotes the holistic growth of our students in a safe and comfortable environment that gives parents absolute peace of mind and allows children to explore with creativity and passion.


GrowBright Academy’s vision is to develop a transformational education environment where students are challenged academically, encouraged to grow in character, and engaged in bringing good to their community.


GrowBright Academy exists to help students achieve their potential and to become agents of change in their community through the provision of high quality, holistic education.


Our Values

GrowBright applies love, integrity, respect, creativity and compassion in the development of every child. We will encourage our students to explore their different strengths, talents and interest at their own stage of development and help them to fulfil their maximum potential. Our core values include:


We believe every human being is endowed with dignity, worth, and the capacity to learn regardless of economic standing, race or location.


We see education as the transformation process of each student that brings about wisdom, value and self-worth.


We believe that children learn best in a positive, caring, inspiring and well organised educational environment.


As a primary school, we seek to promote international awareness and tolerance, while respecting the rights of individuals to adhere to the principles of their own conscience.


We view legacy as children achieving their potential in all areas of life and discovering their gifts and talents so they may share with and enrich their families and communities.


The GrowBright school logo depicts our values and mission.

Arise And Shine

The motto reminds students that "You Are The Light Of The World".

Equip yourself with a solid foundation and good values. Brighten your corner. As living beings, we all hold great hope and the ability to bounce back from any challenge or difficulty. Learning from failure boosts a leader's chances of constant self-improvement.

You are all children of light, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good work and impact others with everlasting love, hope, happiness and new dreams.


School Emblem

The symbols in the GrowBright School seal have significant meaning:

Laurel Wreath Achievement, Victory and Honour
Anchor Steadfastness and Safety
Lighthouse Hope, Guidance and Strength
Light Truth and Intelligence

The colours in the GrowBright School seal are also meaningful:

Gold Elevation Of The Mind
White Peace and Sincerity
Blue Truth and Loyalty