Frequently Asked Questions

What are the class sizes?
Regular classes consist of no more than 10 students; specialist lessons have no more than 15 students.
How many students are in each year group?
There are between 40-50 children in each year group.
Do children receive homework?
Pre-primary students are assigned light homework to develop the sense of responsibility of seeing through tasks from start to finish.
How is my child’s progress at school reported to me?
Children receive a written report every eight weeks. Upon receipt of the report, parents can schedule a face-to-face meeting with the teacher to discuss further. Regular communication takes place through our app called FlexiBuzz.
Is there a gifted & talented programme?
Classes are diversified to identify and challenge each child’s strengths.
Do you have programmes for students with Special Educational Needs?
While we do not presently support Special Educational Needs students, we are able to assess and refer children to appropriate schools.
What extra-curricular activities are available to children?
There are several After School Activities (ASAs) for children to choose from. Please visit our ASA page for more information.
Can my child bring their own food to school?
JoyKids offers an organic lunch that caters to most tastes and dietary requirements. Please get in touch with us to discuss your child’s needs.
How does the school transport children on field trips?
JoyKids uses our in-house bus service.
My child is not toilet trained, will you provide changing when needed?
JoyKids staff are fully trained in early childhood care and will ensure that children regularly visit the toilet. If an accident occurs, staff are equipped to change the child. We keep changing supplies and extra clothes on hand at all times.

For any enquiry, do contact us.

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