Principle’s Message


Dear Parents,

GrowBright International Academy in Bandar Utama strives to stimulate your child’s interests and unlock their learning potential by providing an environment that allows children to thrive as individuals while developing community awareness and values. This unique, first-rate experience for children has resulted in the significant growth of our school community. As a result, GrowBright International Academy was born to respond to the demand for Preschool graduates to continue their journey to a cutting-edge primary school.

GrowBright International Academy will become a well-rounded centre of excellence, incorporating the development of STEAM as an interdisciplinary approach in educating the whole child. Based on the Cambridge Curriculum, children enrolled at GrowBright will be challenged in key disciplines including:


Students will also develop strong leadership and social skills while taking ownership over their own learning through the principles of SMART Goal Setting. GrowBright teachers and staff will work hard to cultivate positive, community values in our school. We will support and encourage children in their quest to develop respectful and fulfilling relationships with their peers, school staff and members of the community.

Teachers will guide students in their search for meaning and enjoyment in the disciplines we introduce them to by nurturing their desire to learn. Finally, showing our students love is an education in itself. We treat the students and staff in our school as part of our family.

We want to inspire learning for its own sake by sharing our joy of learning and leading by example in everything we do. Through this we hope to embed important future-focused learning skills in the children: problem solving, evaluating, working in teams, communicating, creating and innovating. Emphasis is placed on balancing personal growth, academic success, creative expression and sport.

GrowBright values the partnership between children’s families and the school in raising children to reach their highest potential. We believe enrolment at GrowBright International Academy will support the foundations your child developed at GrowBright inspire continued academic and social success in their future. We look forward to this new exciting venture as we spread our wings.

Best Regards,

Nick Combes
Education Committee Chairman
Board of Governance